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The value of a live answering service to young entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you will be conscious of taking advantage of every resource that will help your business to grow. A live answering and messaging service is a facility you should consider, as it can help you to some of the most important tips given by experts to young entrepreneurs for the success of a small and growing business:

Communicate with your customers

It's important to foreground your business in every way you can on the internet and the social media. This communication is mostly one way, though, not allowing many opportunities for direct feedback and for the customers to feel as though they are individually valued. A live answering and messaging service allows the customers to have a channel via which they can ask questions and receive answers mostly immediately and satisfactorily. If you build in a 'compliments, complaints, suggestions' facility, they will feel even more strongly that their voices matter. It will be up to you to translate what you hear via these services into practices and services so the customers will recognise that they have been heard.

Seize the opportunities that come your way

If you are not available to hear about an opportunity, you have no chance of taking it. By using a live answering and messaging service, you can be assured that you will not miss out on at least hearing about opportunities when you are busy, or unable to take a call.

Listen to your customers

It is not possible for one person to be able to interact with every customer, simply because of the logistics involved. With a live answering and messaging service, though, you have the opportunity to be able to have access to what your customers are saying by listening to their messages, which are captured by your agents at any time during the day. You will also have the opportunity to answer the messages in your own time, either directly and personally, or via a more general channel like Twitter or Facebook, or even in the form of a special promotion or a change you may make to the way you deliver your service.

Know your customers

A good way to get to know your customers is to allow them to speak to you. This can happen in various ways. Through the interactions your customers may have with your agents via a live answering service, you will have a good platform to find out about who is attracted to your business and to get to know them better.

Promote your work

It's important to promote yourself and your work at all opportunity. A live answering service allows the opportunity for your agents to promote new services when speaking to customers. You will also have the option to play promotional messages about additions or strategic changes while the customer may be holding for the agent to answer.

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