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The value of a live answering service to young entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you will be conscious of taking advantage of every resource that will help your business to grow. A live answering and messaging service is a facility you should consider, as it can help you to some of the most important tips given by experts to young entrepreneurs for the success of a small and growing business: Communicate with your customers It’s important to foreground your business in every way you can on the internet and the social media. Read More»

3 Tips For Selling Band Merchandise At Gigs

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Gig venues are generally happy to allow bands to set up a merchandise table, so take advantage of this opportunity to boost your income and build your brand. Here are three tips for success: Choose Wisely What are you thinking of stocking your merch table with? T-shirts, caps, hoodies and badges are popular items, but don’t be tempted to order boxes of random merchandise without considering your fan base and location. Read More»